Thursday, 3 December 2015

Tweets Showing Nigerian Senate In Panic Over Social Media Power

The latest developments from the #NoToSocialMediaBill frenzy have a full on discussion on the Senate floor about how social media challenges Senators and political power brokers in Nigeria. The discussion, called on by Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi State, centered mostly on SaharaReporters but included most other online and social media outlets. Mr. Melaye accused SaharaReporters of blackmail and intimidation.

Nigerian Senate @NGRSenate
Senator @dino_melaye (Kogi West) raises a Point of Order against an online tabloid Sahara Reporters for blackmail and intimidation.
6:22 PM - 3 Dec 2015

SaharaReporters and SaharaTV have questioned Mr. Melaye about his public displays, on Twitter and social media, of lavish wealth and cars on a lawmaker and supposed activist salary

Sahara Reporters ✔ @SaharaReporters
Sen. @dino_melaye's posh new 2015 @RollsRoyce Wraith model car, estimated to cost at least $450,000 (N89,563,500). 
2:06 AM - 11 Nov 2015

Mr. Melaye then suggested that the Nigerian government should write the United States government about SaharaReporters conduct

Nigerian Senate @NGRSenate
Senator @dino_melaye says Sahara Reporters operate from New York and the Nigerian Govt should write the U.S Govt on their misinformation.

Senator Ben Bruce, a self-proclaimed free speech advocate, never alerted Nigerians to the bill or the detrimental effects of it. Mr. Bruce also never condemned the bill despite the impact on conventional and social media.

Ben Murray-Bruce @benmurraybruce
@SaharaReporters I am equally shocked you could publish lies about me when I am available for you to verify information before publication!

Sahara Reporters ✔ @SaharaReporters
@benmurraybruce You've have not denied that you knew of bill but turned a blind eye!
2:13 AM - 3 Dec 2015 · Lagos, Nigeria, Nigeria

Ben Murray-Bruce @benmurraybruce
@SaharaReporters lied. I only heard about the alleged bill today and I state it for all to hear-I would NEVER vote to curb free speech.
2:27 AM - 3 Dec 2015

He also said that SaharaReporters could interview him about the anti-media bill

Sahara Reporters ✔ @SaharaReporters
@benmurraybruce Senator Bruce, please what time today did you learn about this bill?

Ben Murray-Bruce @benmurraybruce
@SaharaReporters Before you ask me any questions, first admit that you lied and apologize for that. Then I promise to answer all questions.
2:33 AM - 3 Dec 2015

Ben Murray-Bruce @benmurraybruce
@SaharaReporters Before you ask me any questions, first admit that you lied and apologize for that. Then I promise to answer all questions.

Sahara Reporters ✔ @SaharaReporters
@benmurraybruce We are not interested in interviewing you, we're just calling you out because you hypocritically claim to support the masses
2:38 AM - 3 Dec 2015 · Lagos, Nigeria, Nigeria

Senator Ndume then says that Cyber Crime Laws, most commonly known to prosecute online scammers, should be reviewed to deal with social media

Nigerian Senate @NGRSenate
Senate Leader Ndume says the @nassnigeria needs to review the Cyber Crime Law as the Freedom of Information Act must not be abused.
6:54 PM - 3 Dec 2015

Senate President Bukola Saraki then states that people must be responsible for their actions, despite his numerous attempts to evade the Code of Conduct Tribunal against him

Nigerian Senate @NGRSenate
SP @bukolasaraki concludes saying they should be fair approach & accurate report of stories, people must be responsible for their actions.
7:06 PM - 3 Dec 2015

As the distinguished members of the Senate deliberate on gagging social media from criticising politicians, Nigerian activists and international organizations have spoken out against the anti-media bill, even pointing out that it will counter economic development for the country

JJ. Omojuwa ✔ @Omojuwa
Someone tried to pass a similar bill in 2013. We stopped it then. We must stop it now!!! #NoToSocialMediaBill
6:20 PM - 3 Dec 2015

JJ. Omojuwa ✔ @Omojuwa
My people! My people! They must not pass that bill o. Even your business that you are promoting online will suffer #NoToSocialMediaBill
6:18 PM - 3 Dec 2015

Isima Odeh @IsimaOdeh
Freedom of Speech is the most important feature of Democracy, if Nigeria stifles it. It's Democracy would be stained. #NoToSocialMediaBill
5:08 AM - 4 Dec 2015

africa @pressfreedom @africamedia_CPJ
Very worrying news. Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right & press freedom a cornerstone of democracy. …

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