Tuesday, 19 January 2016


When we think of dapper, stylish men, the men on this list are who come to mind. Good looking, fashion savvy and stylish, they are a bundle of hotness!

We are all guilty of drooling over one or more of of their pictures and who can blame us, when your dream stylish man is staring you right in the face?

These men make it their duty to serve us a regular dose of style on Instagram and the best part is how they push the boundaries and come up with creative ways to style an outfit and they come off looking effortless.

If you have no idea who any of these men are, consider this our New Year’s gift.

Take a look.

Lolu Esq

Lolu is one stylish man! He is a blazer man, and you will be surprised the many ways you can wear a blazer, all thank to Lolu’s creativity. His shoes are beyond amazing, but then,what do you expect when he makes his own shoes?

Blake Scott

I literally have goose bumps every time I see Blake Scott on my instagram timeline and the one question I keep asking is, ‘how does he make it look so effortless? His suits are tailored to fit and sit on him so perfectly. Ladies this is your dream stylish man. 


When you say a man pays attention to the details, this man is who you are thinking of. He is just the right amount of stylish and the perfect dose of sexy, it is almost unbelievable. 

Davidson Frere

This tall dark cup of hot cocoa, is not allowed to be this good looking and this stylish as well. It is way too much for one person to handle. Ladies if you ever need to revamp your man’s wardrobe, just take a quick trip to Davidson’s instagram, there is nothing he does not look good in. 

Akin Faminu

Everytime I see Akin Faminu, he just wows me. It is beyond obvious his style in immaculate, I hope some Nigerian men can take some lessons from him. 

Peter Mwansa

Style is what you make of it, and Peter’s certainly owns his. 

Josef Adamu

This bundle of hotness is another man that’s all about casual style. I find it fascinating how different people can have different interpretation of the casual look.

Steven Onoja

Steven is one of my favourites, he makes fashion and style his lifestyle and he always looks like a million bucks. 

Igee Okafor

He is definitely GQ material. I like how he is versatile with his outfits and not afraid to take fashion risks. 

Christian Confidential

I call Christian the urban classic man, I honestly do not think anyone pulls off urban casual as effortlessly as he does. Although I am almost certain all his jeans are ripped at the knee, that is part of why we love him.


Norris is one eccentric but creative stylish man. I like that his style is not conventional and it is  what sets him apart from the rest. 


Mr Maro is a Mr Classic. He is an epitome of the saying, clothes make the man. 

Kenneth Kyrell

Simple, casual and sophisticated is what defines Kenneth, he defines casual in a whole new way. 

Which man’s style has you double tapping?

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